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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you will receive access to the Savage Dreams site catalog after subscribing to an offer. Your access allows you to filter the sites on the theme, DR and traffic of your choice.

Yes, all the links inserted in the sponsored articles are dofollow.

Savage Dreams limits sponsored content to ensure natural link profiles for each site and high quality content. This win-win balance allows clients to benefit from very strong links and sites to never receive a penalty.

The backlinks you buy from Savage Dreams are perpetual, meaning that they are never deleted or modified (from dofollow to nofollow for example).

It is a 3-day advertising campaign supported by Savage Dreams to promote your article to an audience beyond the site where you published your article.

No. You have the exclusivity of the links on the sponsored articles you buy. This means that Savage Dreams will never place other external links on your articles.

The more the site on which your link is visited by real users, the more Google crawls it regularly. As a consequence, this means that it will visit your link faster and more often, giving your site more value.

Savage Dreams is the only private media network that guarantees you perpetual links, positioned on sites with traffic and a link profile as healthy as a national media. With Savage Dreams, you invest in powerful and sustainable link building that will keep your competitors at bay.