20.00  (excluding taxes)

A 500 word article
A link to your main article

You can buy relinking links to boost your article and main link.
These links are made from small websites of our network (not available in the list of packages).

For each relinking link, charged 20€ (excluding taxes), we publish an article written with AI and retouched, on the same theme as your main article.

We recommend you to relink on the main article, and on the articles that link to it!

Frequently asked questions

To order, choose your package: Cool, Wild or Savage. Complete your order and pay. Then, in the “my account” section, choose your sites among those available

After completing your order and paying, you will have access to the list of sites in your “my account” page. From there you can choose the site that best corresponds to your needs: sorting by theme, by number of referring domains, by TF.

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You get a link from a feature article on the site you select. This link is reinforced by:
  • Two articles that internally link to your article
  • One article and one link from another Google News certified site
  • A 3-day advertising promotion via our social networks
  • Optional relinking links that you can choose
10 spots are available, per site, per month. The spots are precious and rare, which makes them more powerful!
At Savage Dreams you don’t just buy a backlink. You buy 4 articles, a backlink, a Google News relay and 3 days of advertising – a unique and unprecedented premium package.
Yes, your link will be present on the home page of the site in question for 30 days. And as we limit to 10 spots per month and per site, + the fast indexation thanks to our Google News, your link will be immediately recognized and powerful.
We have three packages: Cool, Wild and Savage. These packages are differentiated by the (real) traffic of the sites which will create the link, and by the number of articles and their number of words.
We believe that a premium backlink is a link from a quality site which is not lost in the background or isolated. At Savage, we create an environment around your link, with related articles, and re-linking from a Google News site.
A link farm is a site that exists solely to sell links. It has no branding and no pages; it is a blog optimized for net linking. At Savage Dreams we prefer sites that don’t just link, and that look legitimate to Google.

How does it work?

the ordering process

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Pay for your order, then visit the "my account" page

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Select the sites from the list that correspond to your package

Fill in the briefs and/or the target keywords for your articles

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